Graduate adviser
Dr. Daniel Gruner, UMD

Dr. Daniel Gruner
Dr. Ilka "Candy" Feller
Dr. Nathan Kraft, UMD - Behavior, Ecology, Evolution & Systematics
Dr. Paul Leisnham, UMD - Environmental Science & Technology
Dr. Andrew Baldwin, UMD - Environmental Science & Technology

Hawaiian invasive frog research
National Wildlife Research Center (USDA) - Dr. Will Pitt
Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry (IPIF) - Dr. Christina Liang
Department of Forestry & Wildlife (DOFAW) - Ray McGuire
Dr. Karen Beard, Utah State University
Dr. William Mautz, University of Hawaii at Hilo

Florida mangrove ecotone research
Dr. Ilka Feller, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)
Breanna Korsman, University of North Florida (with Dr. Matt Kimball)
Rachel Smith, University of Georgia
Dr. Megan Riley

Blue crab habitat use (Chesapeake Bay)
Dr. Rom Lipcius, VIMS, College of William & Mary

Mentors & heroes
Dr. Sarah Partan, Hampshire College - Animal behavior
Dr. Ethan Temeles, Amherst College - Evolutionary ecology