About Me

Raised on a farm, 
steeped in the ocean, 
& often packed into the car, 
I'm an ecstatic, 

2004 Marine Biotechnology
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106

I was raised in the fields and marshes on the seaside of Virginia's Eastern Shore, which divides the Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.  Surrounded by biologists, filmmakers, naturalists, and generally attentive folks, I developed a keen love for all things wild and dirty.

Scientific upbringing:

Pileated Woodpecker conservation research 
in White River National Wildlife Refuge, Arkansas
with Dr. Brandon Noel

Casual Interests
minimalist traveling, improv cooking, yoga, biking to get there/get away, hiking, gardening, running, swimming in the ocean, surfing when it's small and clean, crocheting

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